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  • Beyond The Iron: Corporate Podcast with Caterpillar Foundation’s Asha Varghese

    February 25, 2020

    She didn’t know it at the time, but for Caterpillar Foundation President?Asha?Varghese –?being born in?India and?growing up between her birthplace and?rural Kentucky –?has?significantly?influenced her?both personally and professionally. Varghese leads?a philanthropic organization with a nearly 70-year history of supporting global communities where Caterpillar employees live and work.?Varghese goes?Beyond The Iron with?podcast host Rusty Dunn?to talk about the Foundation’s new areas of focus,?and?how she leverages her engineering background?to problem-solve?and collaborate in new ways.

    Program Guide*?(19:55 total run time):?

    2:35 –?The impact of growing up in two?very different?environments, literally oceans apart.?

    4:15?–?Taking an engineer’s approach to refocusing the Foundation.?

    6:05 –?Helping lift 50-million people out of poverty? Done.?

    7:45 –?Surviving, thriving and making a difference in a rapidly changing world.?

    9:20 – Creating a blueprint to build the workforce of the future.?

    11:52 – Have we got a story to tell you!?

    13:45 – Measure twice. Cut once. Building a better Foundation.?

    15:10 –?Doing our part when disaster strikes.?

    17:35 – Building a better world, one community at a time.?

    ?*This podcast conversation has been edited for clarity and length.?

    Go to the?Beyond?The?Iron?website to check out our previous podcasts!?

    Beyond the Iron

    With the new year comes a new name for our favorite corporate podcast! We are calling it “Beyond the Iron,” a fresh title that speaks not only to Caterpillar’s corporate roots and iconic products, but also recognizes our other brands and offerings.

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